It is a common practice for hotels and apartments to describe the property location in their brochures and web sites using sentences such as: “located in the Golden Mile”, or “Nueva Andalucia quarter”, “just a few minutes away from glamorous Puerto Banus”, etc.

We recommend that a visitor informs himself or herself about the exact property location before booking it. Marbella municipality is around 30 Km from end to end, and the time it takes to get from place to place can vary because of heavy crowds. There are plenty of traffic jams and very few parking places in the center of Puerto Banus, making it very difficult and expensive to get to the beaches and activity areas by car.

So ask for the exact distances before booking!!

“Las Terrazas de Banus” and “Marina Banus” developments are located in the center of Puerto Banus, very close to the beaches and activity areas (50-200 m). Both also have private garages, making it the ideal lodging place for your vacations in Marbella.